How to Get The Best Deal When Buying a False Ceiling

False ceilings are the best part of the interior when it comes to house building.  First of all, it looks great, it has lots of advantages over the usual ceiling: false ceilings are shiny, matte, they can be cleaned easily on the contrary to usual ceilings that don’t like water; if you live in the apartment and you risk being ‘flooded’ by your neighbors from the above, false ceilings are less capricious.  The only disadvantages, it can be really expensive to install and buy materials for a false ceiling. So how do you get to deal when shopping for these supplies?

There are two variants of how to search for a real deal when buying a false ceiling.  The first one is to calculate how exactly match material will go on your ceiling. Why do people complain so much?  It’s because they usually opt for something less cheap and more pragmatic but every time it comes to construction they find out that it’s not the budget they were intended to spend so they refuse to install it after all.

Step 1: calculate all the materials cost beforehand

In order to prevent unreasonable costs, you should know what is the configuration of your room. The most on expensive variants are rectangular rooms. But oval-shaped and round shaped false ceilings will cost you the most because of the difficult construction pattern.

Step 2: calculate quality to price ratio

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ceilings have a much richer choice of colors and manufacturers, the same goes for the texture of the material. In addition to the glossy, matte or satin texture, there are some variants with imprinted patterns, imitating suede, leather, metallic and so on. The texture of the fabric is only matte, the number of colors is small, but it can be compensated for by dyeing the material or by ordering photo printing. Matte false ceilings cost cheaper than the shiny ones.
  • It is better to install an expensive false ceiling only in one room, bedroom or hall, rather than use low-quality materials all over the place. You should pay attention to manufacturers. The main factor of choice should be quality certificates. Diligent suppliers are always ready to provide you with all the necessary documents.
  • Don’t buy into cheap offers. Scam companies work like that: they lower the prices to attract the customer, but when you start working on your construction, the price is three times higher.
  • Always read reviews about the company you like, especially when they offer a low-cost ceiling. A good company will always demonstrate some photos of a finished result.
  • To get a good deal, think about where exactly you can and cannot install a false ceiling. For example, if you’re building a kitchen and bathroom, the best choice would be a PVC ceiling, but when you’re building a living room with huge windows, you should better to choose a satin texture and a mate one for a bedroom.
  • Always subscribe to supply stores on social media, or search for seasonal sales when shopping for a false ceiling. They can provide you with a good bargain, and the quality will be top-notch.