Medical Marijuana: What do CBD and THC different?

Marijuana is obtained from the dried leaves of the plan named Cannabis Sativa. The plant is used for medicinal as well as recreational purpose. In the early 20th century, the plant was used in the U.S. In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act that is a federal law had been passed to stop the use of marijuana for any purpose. Even today, the federal law does not allow the making, utilization, importation, ownership, and delivery of marijuana. According to US drug enforcement administration, the marijuana is categorized as the controlled substance that means it is not allowed to use the drug in a legal way. Some of the reason that is given by the law administrators for not using the drug include: marijuana has a high abuse potential, The U.S medical law has not confirmed it as a reliable drug to treat medical issues, and it is not accepted yet because of lack of customary safety. CBD and THC are designated as schedule 1 controlled substances. Some of the states have allowed the use of CBD for medical purpose. In such states, the medical experts give the authority to use marijuana in a legal way that is based on the initial court act to support the clinician-patient communication. There are multiple uses of CBD and THC. For instance, it is used to make hash oil that is consist of cannabinoids. The THC vs CBD effects can be observed in the medical effects on the patients. The hash oil and marijuana can be inhaled as vapors or smoke and it can be used as a drinking tea(Kramer, 2015). Some people eat it by mixing it in various food items, i.e. baking items. Many people experience psychoactive effects because of cannabinoids usage.

The chemical elements in marijuana are the same as in tobacco. Some of the elements include benzene, lead, formaldehyde, arsenic, cadmium, and 4-aminobiphenyl. These are very harmful constituents for human health and commonly known as carcinogens for humans. On heating the marijuana at 180°C, the reasonable amount of cannabinoids released with the trace rudiments of other chemicals. Some of the toxic substances are also present in the smoke that includes carbon monoxide, tar, hydrogen cyanide, and ammonia. Some people are in favor to use marijuana for medical aid while others think that it is not appropriate to use marijuana to treat a health issue. As per high-quality evidence research, it is concluded that marijuana is useful in the treatment of chronic pain, spasticity, and neuropathic pain (Hill, 2015). In the last two decades, the legal use of medical marijuana is a controversy.

According to the medical data from 2010 to 2013, it is observed that the use of marijuana as a medical alternative is getting down after execution of the medical marijuana law. In 2013, around $165 million was devoted when countries were executing medical marijuana laws. Medical marijuana can alter prescribing techniques in an effective manner (Bradford & Bradford, 2016). There is a need to develop awareness in the public by the clinicians about the benefits of marijuana especially in the treatment of health-related problems.

High-CBD Cannabis Strains

CBD cannabis strains are getting common in an instant manner and it is quite easy to track the high-CBD cannabis strains. CBD means cannabinoid that is a non-intoxicating cannabis component. CBD has numerous benefits such as pain relief, anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety (Lowe, Curran, & Franz, 2016). Here are some of the common high-CBD strains lists.


It is a dominant phenotype that is derived from the Cannatonic- a high-CBD cannabis strain. This strain has a negligible alcoholic effect. About 19% of the CBD content is present in the ACDC that is quite helpful to eliminate anxiety, multiple sclerosis, pain, and epilepsy (Lowe et al., 2016). Moreover, numerous chemotherapy effects can also be reduced with the help of ACDC.


It is a hybrid strain of cannabis, which is a combination of two CBD-rich parents. When it is exhaled, the sweet flavor is produced that is because of Canna-Tsu buds. It is helpful to enhance mental clarity because of the high level of CBD (Lowe et al., 2016). Patients who are suffering from pain, inflammation, seizures, and anxiety are benefited in a short amount of time by consuming Canna-Tsu.


This is the hybrid strain that contains a little amount of THC but it has a significant amount of CBD around 6-17%. Because of the presence of high CBD, it gives the relaxed feeling and the patient feels content for a limited amount of time after having it (Lowe et al., 2016). Various medical conditions can be treated with the help of Cannatonic such as muscles spasm, pain, migraines, and numerous psychological issues.


The high CBD strain is produced by the hybrid cross between Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. The CBD content is 20 times more than the THC in Harle-Tsu (Lowe et al., 2016). It is the best option to relieve pain and inflammation and there is no need for any psychoactivity after having this drug. This drug is used to make patient contented as it has an instant effect.

Ringo’s Gift

The cross result of Harle-Tsu and ACDC produced Ringo’s Gift. It contains high-CBD strains. There are different phenotypes of Ringo’s gift. In various Cannabis clubs situated in Barcelona, the strain is used (Lowe et al., 2016). It is very effective to cure cerebral activity. It also acts as a muscle relaxant.

CBD Shark

It is a dominant CBD strain. Many clinicians prescribe CBD shark because it is very helpful to eliminate anxiety, pain, and infection. Additionally, it has no intoxicating effect that makes it superior to other high strains as many high strains have a high effect on the body right after using them (Lowe et al., 2016). It smells like sweet fruit by elusive indication of garlic.


The CBD level in the remedy is about 15%. Some of the traces of THC have been found in it. It has a lemon scent and it consists of yellow colored buds that are covered in the crystal trichomes. It eliminates anxiety, autism, inflammation, and seizers (Lowe et al., 2016). It has no prominent side effect on the body or head that is why people prefer to use the remedy to cure their health issues.

Medical Benefits of CBD

Multiple health disorders can be cured with the help of CBD. CBD is generally known as a very famous natural cure for many general illnesses. The CBD contains around 104 chemical components. People who are looking for instant pain relief then the CBD is the best option for them. The CBD can eliminate pain without affecting the mental state. CBD oil is also used for a therapeutic purpose that is extracted from the leaves of the cannabis plant (Schrot & Hubbard, 2016). CBD has several health benefits. Some of the health benefits are mentioned as follows:

Pain Reliever

In 2900 B.C., marijuana is utilized to eliminate the pain of the sufferers. Currently, some elements in marijuana have been discovered by scientists, which are very effective to use as a pain reliever. Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is present in the human that aims to regulate various functions of the human body such as appetite, sleep, immunity, and pain. The endocannabinoids are produced by the body, which acts as a neurotransmitter and binds with the cannabinoid receptors that are present in the nervous system (Schrot & Hubbard, 2016). According to recent research, it has been concluded that CBD effect the activity of ECS receptors that ultimately reduce inflammation and interrelate with neurotransmitter.

Elimination of Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are quite common these days and every third person is affected with such disorders. Depression affects health in a worse manner and some people find it impossible to get rid of depression. According to the WHO, depression is ranked sixth in the health disorders that badly affect people throughout the world. CBD oil is considered the best remedy to cure anxiety and depression. People who are suffering from insomnia can use CBD oil to get instant results (Schrot & Hubbard, 2016). In various studies, the CBD shows very promising effects to eliminate depression.

Alleviation of Cancerous Symptoms

CBD is quite effective to eliminate the symptoms related to cancer and it can be used to minimize the side effects of the cancer treatment. People who are suffering from nausea or vomiting because of chemotherapy, the use of CBD can reduce such health issues in an instant manner. The mouth spray that is consisted of CBD is very helpful to eliminate nausea for the people who are taking chemotherapy (Schrot & Hubbard, 2016). Some studies revealed that CBD has anticancer feature and one of the test-tube research revealed that the concentrated CBD tempted cell death of the cancerous human breast cells.

Neuroprotective Properties

According to research, the CBD has the ability to control the endocannabinoid system along with other brain signaling pathways that is quite beneficial for the people who are suffering from neurological issues. In many types of research, the CBD is used to cure different neurological issues such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy (Schrot & Hubbard, 2016). Many patients get relieved from the muscle spasticity by using CBD. Additionally, CBD oil is useful to reduce seizers and many people are cured after using CBD oil.

High-CBD Strains for Use

Some of the high-CBD strains are very useful to use. Few of them are mentioned below:

Valentine X

It is a hybrid that is the result of cross-breeding between indica and Sativa. It has around 25% CBD in it. Therefore, it is very effective to eliminate different health problems such as inflammation, seizures, and cancer. St Valentine was a saint who used to cure patients who were suffering from epilepsy and the strain named after the name of a saint, as he believed in love and courtship and treat people with the whole devotion (Lowe et al., 2016). It has been proved that the CBD is most effective to cure any type of seizer.

Blue Dragon Desert Frost

It is obtained from Oregon’s Yerba Buena cannabis farm. It contains around 17% of the CBD that is the quite higher amount and enough to treat many health issues (Lowe et al., 2016). There are very minimum psychoactive traits of THC in this strain and people can use it without fear of the overwhelming effect on the nervous system.


It is a new strain is generated from Oregon. It is obtained by the cross-bred of ACDD and Charlotte’s Web. It has a confirmed amount of CBD that is 22.5%. This is the very reason that Carazon is highly demanded (Lowe et al., 2016). This high-CBD strain is quite rare and it is considered the only strain on earth that contains a large amount of CBD.


It is an Indica cross of Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. People who are battling with severe health issues such as cancer, epilepsy, and arthritis, it is the best option to get rid of such health problems. Around 15% of the CBD is present in Pennywise that gives an instant and effective cure of many diseases (Lowe et al., 2016). Pennywise has the double flavor of pepper bubblegum and coffee.

Sweet and Sour Widow

It is a hybrid of 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. It has a huge range of therapeutic benefits. People who are new in consuming cannabis, this is the great strain for them. It is a perfect blend of cannabinoid profile (Lowe et al., 2016). Some patients do not want a blaze effect of medicine so this is the best option for them.

Sour Tsunami

It has around 10-11% CBD content. It is useful to treat various health ailments that include anxiety, depression, and stress. People who are suffering from inflammation and pain, Sour Tsunami is the best option to cure such problems (Lowe et al., 2016). It has a musky piquant flavor along with a little syrupy connotation.

Stephen Hawking Kush

Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush were crossbred to generate Stephen Hawking Kush. In this strain, the CBD level may vary between 5-20% because of three phenotypes (Lowe et al., 2016). It has a minty or fruity flavor and it is quite effective to eliminate different medical issues such as pain.

CBD Mango Haze

It has a mango and pineapple taste that makes the strain quite evident. It has numerous useful effects related to medicine (Lowe et al., 2016). Many clinicians use CBD Mango Haze to treat patients who are suffering from pain or anxiety.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are two major cannabinoids that are present on earth naturally. Both CBD and THC obtained from Cannabis sativa plant. Initially, the CBD was taken from the hemp plant. CBD is retailed in the form of gel, oil, extracts, gummies, and supplements. Difference between CBD and THC can be seen in psychotic effects, medical use, side effects, and so on. CBD has no psychoactive effective but THC is associated with a high psychoactive effect and it generates a high level of euphoria.

CBD and THC are beneficial to resolve health issues but both are used to treat different conditions. For instance, CBD is used to cure inflammation, seizers, inflammatory bowel issue, mental problems, seizures, migraines, depression, and anxiety while, THC is beneficial to treat nausea, low appetite, insomnia, glaucoma, muscle spasticity, and pain. There is no side-effect of CBD that is why people prefer to use it to treat different medical issues. Even the large quantity of CBD intake does not cause any harm.

Research indicates that patients are able to tolerate the maximum dose of CBD without any problem but it does not happen in the case of THC. In many states, CBD is legal and you can purchase it easily but THC weed is still in the list of controlled substances. People may experience some temporary side effects of THC. Some of the effects include enhanced heart rate, memory loss, red eyes, coordination issue, dry mouth, and delayed reactions. There are chances of long-lasting psychiatric effects of using a high dosage of THC. The major risk associated with taking a high dosage of THC is that the patient may suffer from schizophrenia. So, it is better to avoid the continuous use of THC to treat temporary ailments because it has devastating side-effects that cannot be cured. The THC and CBD are present in the fat of the body and it can be confirmed by taking drug tests. It is not possible to detect CBD with every drug test. It can only be detected with the help of CBD-sensitive tests.

After a deep analysis of CBD and THC, it is concluded that the CBD is far better than THC. The foremost reason that makes the CBD better is that it lacks side effects. In contrast, THC has both temporary and permanent side effects that make it use riskier. Therefore, it is effective to use CBD to cure medical issues as it gives instant and permanent relief with no negative impacts.